Physical Review Service offers a Physical Review program that allows our users to submit items for physical examination by our Review Staff, a group of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced dealers and collectors in the industry.

Many collectors have large collections of signed sports memorabilia and we invite our users to send us items for our Review Staff to evaluate. Once our Review Staff determines an item meets our review parameters we will then issue a numbered letter outlining what the item is as well as our review of the item.

We will also offer our users the option of having their item tagged with an numbered ID label. This label will be tamper proof and the ID number will be retrievable from our Online Registry.

Our Online Authentics Database will be available online and will not only provide a text description of the item but it will also contain a picture of the exact signature on the users item. believes that a picture speaks a thousand words and our Online Authentics process leaves nothing to be said. This service provides consumers with the ultimate level of confidence available in the marketplace. has a very simple pricing schedule for items submitted for Physical Review and is as follows:

  • Items containing one (1) signature will be assessed a Review charge of $50.00

  • Items containing two (2) or more signatures will be assessed a Review charge of $100.00

Remember once your submitted item meets our Review parameters an image of the signature will be available online and will always be their for you.

We ask that prior to shipping any items to us that you email us what it is you will be sending so we can let you know what the return shipping charges will be. All items that are sent to us need to be shipped by way of a courier that allows for the item to be tracked during shipment and also requires the item to be signed for. UPS is the service we suggest but FedEx and the US Postal Service both offer similar services.

Happy Collecting,